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    We offer public and private EFT cheats with wide range of features so you can get the most out of your EFT hacks, Our products are created from some of the best developers available and we give all of our customers and new guests quality 24/7 support from experienced cheaters that can fix your every problem.

    Tarkov is a huge game and an even bigger grind. Use our EFT hacks to progress with ease, Unlock all traders quickly with help from Quest item ESP and full loot ESP. Maximise your wealth and level with the ability to see the cost of enemy players loadouts and all of the best loot on the map with the best Escape from Tarkov hacks.


    Recommendations when using EFT hacks

    You should always use a HWID Spoofer to prevent your main HWID from being blacklisted.
    (EFT can ban your hardware serial numbers "Blacklisting" Your machine. When using a spoofer you can simple restart you PC and play on your main "legit account without any problems)

    We always recommend not to use EFT hacks on your main account you should always hack on an ALT (Second Account).
    (You should always think smart when cheating and keep your main account for "legit" use and filter items from your cheat account to help "boost" your main)

    Always play like you are not cheating.
    (EFT anticheats are constantly updating and has manual report options. If you are caught on a recording making impossible shots this can lead to a manual ban from the game developers. Always pretend you are not using EFT cheats and you cannot see the location of the enemy to maximise your safety. They ban you for things like :

    - Kill / Death rate
    - Headshot Rate
    - Hit Rate
    - Other Patterns

  • Featured Product

  • Featured Product

  • What features you can expect when using our EFT hacks

    Aimbot cheats

    Our Escape from Tarkov hacks have 2 types Aimbot, "Silent Aim" and "Lock Aim"

    Silent Aim hack will kill any enemy in your direction reguardless of the direction your gun is pointing, The bullet will "teleport" to the enemy causing your bullets to always hit the target.

    Lock Aim hack will lock "snap" your weapon onto the enemy and comes with features like smoothing to make mouse drag look legit slowing your "snap" speed. The enemy always needs to be in sight when using lock Aim.

    EFT Visual cheats

    Visual hacks allow you to see your enemys and loot across the whole map.
    Most of our EFT cheats have
    Night vision overlay giving you the ability to see everything in night time raids without goggles. You can enable of disable this feature anytime through the raid.



    Modes like Chams mode will illuminate players with a glow, nothing can block your sight. The colour will change when the enemy is in sight letting you know when to fire. Some cheats come with detailed ESP featues like corpe EPS, allowing you to see the loot your enemys are wearing from a distance.


    Most of our EFT hacks come with a Thermal mode to make those expensive sights obsilite. You can see the heat coming from your enemys, but will only work for enemys in your line of sight.


    Loot ESP cheats

    Escape from tarkov hacks shows you the location of every peice of loot on the map. You can customize the hack options to hide the types of loot you do not want to see. They come with High quality loot filters that will show only the mosty expensive loot for fast gains. You can see the price of an enemy players load out or configure the minimum price worth of items you want to see.


    Our EFT cheats will show you Keycards in dead scav or players pockets and any items inside of safes or boxes with configurable distance sliders so you can target high value loot across the whole map!

    EFT hacks kweycard.jpg

    draw esp eft hcakc.jpg


    No Weight cheats

    Will features like "No weight" You can carry as much loot as your bans can hold and you do not need to worry about your character slowing down. It is a must needed feature if you want those fat loot runs.

    EFT UnlockDoor cheats

    With Escape from tarkov cheats you can unlock any door or gate without a key or keycard. You can farm any room or bunker without having to buy or find the keys, With the cheat you can unlock some doors that cant be unlocked with any key, allowing you to sometimes glitch under the map and lettting you reach places other EFT players cannot.

    Misc cheats

    We offer a lot more features spread between the cheats, some more safe than others, Like Flyhacks, Fullauto mode, NoClip, Shoot Through Walls, Loot Teleport and much more.. You can find fill feature lists of all of our cheats on the escape from tarkov cheat information sections.


    Your experience with Naclcheats

    We always source the best cheats.

    We are constantly communicating with other sellers and developers looking for the best escape from tarkov cheats to deliver to our customers. Only cheats with a solid track record of safety and quality will be available on our store.

    Always open to suggestions. We take all feedback, Good and bad and share this information to help better your experience with us.

    Wide range of cheats and features

    We offer multiple EFT cheats that give you a wide range of features to choose from from "Legit" style cheats that offer only features that are considered lowrisk or full on "rage" Cheats that let you shoot through walls and teleport. We have multiple cheats to satisify our users needs, If one cheat is offline you can switch to another.

    Extensive guides and support

    On our forum we have detailed guides to help you with any error you may encounter and guides teaching you how to load the EFT hacks correctly. Any errors you cannot solve we have experienced 24/7 support ready to help.

    Choose your features

    The Escape from Tarkov cheats on our store come with the best features to give you an davantage over everyone in the game. All out EFT hack menu features are toggleable meaning you can choose to show or hide ESP features like.. Name, Health, hide or show certain Loot, change the colors, Disable Aimbot and use ESP only.. Customize however you want.

    Fast installation

    With Short detailed guides you will be up and running as fast as possible. After receiving your key you will receive a detailed guide with everything you need to install and load our escape from tarkov hacks. Its as simple as copy and pasting you login information and key and loading the game.


    We are 100% Transparent when it comes to status information and cheat detections. We are completley honest about detections the EFT cheats may have we want to keep our users safe and have a good experinece with us.

    User information


    Sometimes the EFT developers can ban you in other ways. They can ban your IP address and your windows licence key along with your machine serial numbers (HWIDs). It is recommended to use a good VPN and spoofer to protect your machines real information when you use escape from tarkov cheats.


    We give 24/7 support to all of our users. You can contact us through the ticket section on our website or join our Discord for 24/7 support from our Staff. Our customer come first and we will not leave you untill your cheat is running perfectly.

    Purchase information

    We accept Bitcoin, Credit / Debit Card, Apple pay, Bank Transfer, Cashapp and Paypal. Bitcoin is the cheapest option as little to no fees are involved. You can pay with Bitcoin, Credit / Debit Card, Apple pay or Bank Transfer on our website. You can join our Discord and contact a reseller for Cashapp and Paypal payments at an extra fee.

    Downloads and keys

    Your hacks are delivered to the Manage purchases section on the site. Your key is always saved here if you need to find it again along with your cheat instructions.

    EFT cheat guides

    We have detailed guides on our forum for installing and loading your Escape from Tarkov hacks, Fixing all errors you may encounter and windows guides for converting your drives and reinstalling your windows system.

    Commonly asked questions

    Do i need a HWID spoofer with these EFT cheats?

    It is recommended to use a HWID spoofer with all escape from tarkov cheats. You should always protect your main computer HWIDs when using hacks. Then you can unspoof and play legit on your main HWID without any problems.

    Will a HWID Spoofer unban my account?

    No. You cannot unban EFT accounts with a spoofer. Hiwd Spoofer will change your machine ID's unbanning your PC, This will allow you to use cheats on a NEW account.

    How do i get support?

    Create a ticket on our website or contact us on discord for any help you may need. We have people online most of the time to help.

    Where is my download and key?

    You key and downloads can be seen here. You can navigate to your Escape From Tarkov hacks in My Account > Manage purchases along with instructions.

    Will i get banned using EFT Hacks?

    Following our guides will maximise your safety when using the EFT cheats. All hacks can be detected at anytime. This is why it is important to follow our cheat information so we can help you evade bans at ALL costs. We list only what we have deemed the safest EFT hacks though harsh testing and user feedback.

    What is the difference between the Escape from Tarkov cheats?

    There is A LOT of difference between the cheats you should take your time to read the hack information and choose one that is best for you. All cheat information/Features, pics and videos are here.

    Can i use the hack on 2 PCS?

    Keys are HWID locked to 1 machine. Keys can be unbound if you contact one of the staff and let them know you need a HWID reset. They will unbind your key then you can use it on your new installation or new machine.

    What payments do you accept ?

    We accept Credit / Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Apple pay Cashapp and Paypal and Bitcoin. All payments except Bitcoin will have an additional fee. Contact us for additional payments.

    Join us!

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