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Why did my payment fail

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If you pay with Card.

We have a fraud prevention system inplace that requires you to enter real information that matches information on the card used.

Your payment might fail because your county is not supported or the information you entered on the purchase pages did not match the information on your card. If the payments continues to fail with the correct details call your bank to allow the payment or please try an alternitive payment method.

If you paid with Paypal.

Your store credit will be added when an admin is online. It is usually instant but can take up to 8 hours if we are offline.

If you paid with Bitcoin.

Your payment might fail or not confirm if you send a low fee. Make sure you are sending the Store ammount + The withdraw fee from your wallet. If you dont send enough you can send the remaining funds on the same payment window.

If  a small ammount is underpaid, contact us and we will confirm it for you to save you an extra fee.


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