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    [System Requirements] Windows 10 Versions 1803-1809-1903-1909-2004-2009 Intel or AMD CPU [Features] All Attachment Support Recoil Support For All Weapons Auto Eeapon Detection Hipfire Toggle Custom X and Y Recoil Control Values Custom Weapon Binds [Misc] Row Dropper Armor Dropper Furnace Splitter Large Furnace Splitter Fast Code Lock Zoom Anti AFK Custom Sounds Crosshair Rainbow Menu Colors Information Overlay Custom Crosshair Size [Extras] Menu Key Auto Upgrade Crosshair Color Customization Menu Color Customization
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    I purchased the NacL private spoofer lifetime subscription, and I must say that it seems to work perfectly. I was HWID banned in DbD, and when I tried to make an account before when my computer wasn't properly spoofed, I was banned within an hour. However, since I started using this spoofer, even though I haven't been using it long, I haven't been banned at all. I'd say I probably have a total of at least 400 hours between all of my accounts, but I only have about 10 hours so far with the spoofer, but that's a lot better than less than one without the spoofer. I'm sure I'll be able to play a lot more too now that I have it. Overall, I'd definitely recommend it!
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    Name of cheat used: Razor Hours played on the game (Total): 3000 Hours played on the game using the cheats: 500, only 24 hours of razor at the time of this review Would you recommend this to others?: Yes I use to cheat a couple years ago when you could get away with anything. I came back and after browsing around for a while Razor was one of the cheapest and more then enough for what I wanted to use it for which was just simple ESP, I haven't used many of the other functions. The Item ESP is lacking a bit, no containers or set items, just items set by price. So its good for things like marked rooms or keycards, ledx, bitcoin etc but not at all for things like keys in jackets or scavs inventory. Had one small issue while getting it to work on my side it seemed, after a quick response from 𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔟𝔬𝔩𝔦 I had it sorted and had it working straight after that with no issues
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    [System Requirements] Windows 10 Versions 1903-1909-2004-2009 Intel & AMD CPU CPU Virtualization [Features] Spoof Disk ID Spoof MAC Spoof Registry Spoof BIOS Check Disk ID Check MAC Check Registry Check BIOS Custom HWID Changer Windows Activator Change SID Flush Network [Supported Games] COD: Cold War COD: MW 2019 Fortnite Valorant Apex Rust Escape From Tarkov FiveM GTA 5 League of Legends Only COD games are working atm
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    [System Requirements] Windows 10 Versions 1909-2004-2009 Intel CPU Only [Features] HWID Spoofer included [Player ESP] Bone ESP Show Friendlies Only show Visible Distance Sliders Customizable ESP Color Customizable Border, Bone and Health Bar Styles [Aimbot] Skeleton Bone selection Visibility Check Max Distance Smoothing Lock Target FOV Customizable Aimkeys Crosshair [Misc] Unlock All Skins Unlock All weapons Unlock All Attachments [Bot Lobbys] Multiplayer Lobby Zombie Lobby God-mode Unlimited Ammo Unlimited Cash [PRO Verison features] XP Multiplier Slider 1 to 1000 RunspeedModifier Invisibility Instakill Rapidfire Teleport Set Points
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    [System Requirements] Intel or AMD CPU Windows All versions [Tested Games] Escape From Tarkov Fortnite Pugb R6 Siege Rust Apex Legends COD: Cold War COD: Warzone Valorant DayZ Deadside DeadBy Daylight Destiny 2 Smite Paladins Mordhau Amoung us
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    [System Requirements] Windows 10 Versions 1803-1809-1903-1909-2004-2009 Intel or AMD CPU [Features] Streamproof [ESP] Player ESP Bot ESP Active Player Sleeper ESP Player Box Player Skeleton Player Health Player Nickname Player Distance Player Weapon Player ESP distance (0-400) Crate ESP Dropped Items ESP Cupboard ESP Turrets ESP Collectible ESP Copters ESP Ore ESP Stash ESP Radtown loot ESP AirDrop ESP [AIMBOT] Aimbot Active Aimbot Visible check Aimbot Bind Aimbot Bone Aimbot ignore team Aimbot FOV (modification slider) Aimbot Smoothing (modification slider) Aimbot Distance (modification slider) [MISC] Draw Fov Draw Crosshair Spiderman Debug Camera F6 Swim On Land F5 Roll Building On key "R" when with the construction plan Mount Roll Always Day AntiAim BETA Long Neck Rcs Minimize Spread TESTING Automatic Skinchanger Super Eoka Super Melee
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    [System Requirements] Windows 10 Versions 1909-2004-2009 Intel CPU Only [Features] HWID Spoofer included [Aimbot] Visibility Check Smart Bone Selection Humanized Smoothing Lock Target Only Aim At Players With Guns Only Aim At Dangerous Players [Player ESP] Name 2D Box Friendly Check Bones Health Distance Item In Hands [Item ESP] Full ESP Sleeping Bags All Types Of Crates All types Of Boxes All Drops All Resources All Stashes All Traps/Guns/Turrets All Vehicles Droped Items Animals [Radar] Animals Players [Weapon Misc] No Spread No Recoil 0% to 100% No Sway Thick/wide Bullet Toggle Aimkeys [Misc] Spiderman - Wallclimb Admin Flag Debugcamera No fall Damage Always Day Bright Caves Walk through Trees Walk through Players Enable / Disbale Friendly Fire Authorized Cupboard Markers Disable / Enable opacity Xray Chams
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    [Cheat Information] HWID Spoofer included Windows Versions 1909-2004-2009 Intel CPU Only [Player ESP] Friendly Check Names Skeleton 2D Box Health Distance Visibility Check SCAV filter [Aimbot] Silent Aim Visibility Check Smart Bone Selection Smoothing Lock target FOV Aimbot keys [Item ESP] Show Valuables Show Quest Items Show All Loot Show Containers Show Extractions Show Rest [Vision] No Visor Night Vision Thermal Vision [Misc] Battlemode No recoil No spread No breath Remove Movement Effects Infinite stamina Instant examine Unlock Doors Laser Auto Shoot in crosshair