We are a small team creating cheats for a wide range of games since 2015. On this “public” website we offer undetected cheats and HWID spoofers. On our Private website we have a range of Premium Private Cheats for a small handfull of games. To Join our Private website you must first create an account here.. Then when you follow the link below an account will be automatically created on our private website.

We offer 24/7 Support in Discord or Tickets on the Private Website.

About Private Cheats.

Private cheats come with advanced securtiy & detection methods, Limited user slots and products you cant find anywhere else. The cheats are opperated from our private forum linked below. After your purchase, the cheat is instantly active and tied to your forum credentials allowing you to download the loader, login and play instantly with your forum username and password.. Licence keys are a thing of the past!

How to access the private website

  1. To access the private cheats you must first create an account or login to this website.
  2. Once your account is created and you are logged in. Visit this link – PRIVATE CHEATS
  3. An account will be automatically created with the same credentials.
  4. All private products are linked to your User and Password. After a purchase, download the loader and use the same User and Password to login to the loader and load the cheat. Beware the subscription is active instantly after purchase. Only buy when you are ready to use the product.


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