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CS: GO – Full Version


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Product Description

[Aim assistance]

– Enabled – on / off master switch
– On key [ key ] – aimbot works only when chosen key is being held
– Aimlock – brings your aim to the target (affected by Smooth).
– Silent – aimbot is not visible on your screen (client-sided only)
– Friendly fire – treat allies as enemies
– Visible only – aim only on visible players
– Scoped only – aimbot works only when using scope (applies only to sniper rifles)
– Ignore flash – ignore flashbang i.e. aim when local player is flashed
– Ignore smoke – ignore smoke i.e. aim when target is in smoke
– Auto shot – shoot automatically when target found
– Auto scope – automatically scopes sniper rifle before shooting
– Bone – bone which aimbot aims at
– Fov – field-of-view which aimbot operates [0-255]
– Smooth – smooth aimbot movement in order to seem more human-like
– Max aim inaccuracy – maximum weapon inaccuracy allowing aimbot to run, lowering this
value will e.g. disable aimbot while jumping or running

[Triggerbot] – automatically fires when crosshair is on enemy

– Enabled – on / off master switch
– On key [ key ] – triggerbot works only when chosen key is being held
– Friendly fire – treat allies as enemies
– Scoped only – triggerbot works only when using scope (applies only to sniper rifles)
– Ignore flash – ignore flashbang i.e. shoot when local player is flashed
– Ignore smoke – ignore smoke i.e. shoot when target is in smoke
– Hitgroup – body parts on which triggerbot works
– Shot delay – delay time in ms (milliseconds)
– Min damage – minimal damage to fire.

[Backtrack] – abuse lag compensation in order to move players back in time:

– Enabled – on / off master switch
– Ignore smoke – ignore smoke i.e. backtrack when target is in smoke
– Time limit – limit the backtracking window [1-200ms]

[Anti-aim] – tool to make you harder to hit, sometimes exploiting server-client
desynchronization bug

[Glow] – render glow effect on entities:

Allies, Enemies, Planting (player planting bomb), Defusing (player defusing bomb), Local
player, Weapons (dropped weapons), C4, Planted C4, Chickens, Defuse kits, Projectiles,
Hostages, Ragdolls / All, Visible, Occluded
– Enabled – on / off master switch
– Health based – color is based on player’s hp
– Color – glow color in rgba format
– Style – glow style { Default, Rim3d, Edge, Edge Pulse }

Chams – color player models to improve visibility:
Allies, Enemies, Planting (player planting bomb), Defusing (player defusing bomb), Local
player, Weapons (dropped weapons), Hands (view model hands), Backtrack (requires
backtrack to be enabled), Sleeves (view model) / All, Visible, Occluded
– Enabled – on / off master switch
– Health based – color is based on player’s hp
– Blinking – change transparency frequently
– Material – material applied to model { Normal, Flat, Animated, Platinum, Glass, Chrome,
Crystal, Silver, Gold, Plastic, Glow }
– Wireframe – render triangle mesh instead of solid material
– Cover – draw chams material on top of the original material instead of overriding it
– Ignore-Z – draw material through walls

[ESP] – show additional information about players and game world:*

Allies, Enemies
– All, Visible, Occluded
– Flashbang, HE Grenade, Breach Charge, Bump Mine, Decoy Grenade, Molotov, TA
Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Snowball

[Visuals] – miscellaneous visual options:

– Disable post-processing – disable post-processing effects in order to increase FPS
– Inverse ragdoll gravity – inverse gravitational acceleration on falling player ragdoll corpse
(during death sequence)
– No fog – remove fog from map for better visibility
– No 3d sky – remove 3d skybox from map – increases FPS
– No visual recoil – remove visual recoil punch effect
– No hands – remove arms / hands model from first-person view
– No sleeves – remove sleeves model from first-person view
– No weapons – remove weapons model from first-person view
– No smoke – remove smoke grenade effect
– No blur – remove blur
– No scope overlay – remove black overlay while scoping
– No grass – remove grass from map in Danger Zone mode (dz_blacksite and dz_sirocco
– No shadows – disable dynamic shadows
– Wireframe smoke – render smoke skeleton instead of particle effect
– Zoom [ key ] – enable zoom on unzoomable weapons
– Thirdperson – thirdperson view
– Thirdperson distance – camera distance in thirdperson view
– View model FOV – change view model FOV [-60-0-60] (0 – actual view model, negative
values – decreased view model, positive values – increased view model)
– FOV – change view FOV [-60-0-60] (0 – actual view fov, negative values – decreased,
positive values – increased)
– Far Z – far clipping range, useful after disabling fog on large maps (e.g dz_sirocco) to
render distant buildings
– Flash reduction – reduces flashbang grenade effect [0-100%] (0 – full flash, 100 – no flash)
– Brightness – control game brightness [0.0-1.0]
– Skybox – change sky(box)
– World color – set world material ambient light color
– Deagle spinner – play “spinning” inspect animation when holding Deagle
– Screen effect – screenspace effect – Drone cam, Drone cam with noise, Underwater,
Healthboost, Dangerzone
– Hit effect – show screen effect on enemy hit
– Hit marker – show a cross detail on enemy hit

[Skin Changer] – Change the skin of your weapons, gloves, knives, etc

[Sound] – modify volume of certain sound effects:

– Chicken volume – volume of chicken sounds
Local player, Allies, Enemies
– Master volume – overall volume of sounds emitted by player
– Headshot volume – volume of headshot sound (when player gets headshoted)
– Weapon volume – volume of player weapon shots
– Footstep volume – volume of player footsteps

[Misc] – miscellaneous features:

– Menu key [ key ] – menu toggle key
– Menu style – menu style toggle (Classic / One window)
– Menu colors – menu color theme (Dark / Light / Classic)
– Anti AFK kick – avoid auto-kick by server for inactivity
– Auto strafe – automatically strafe in air following mouse movement
– Bunny hop – automatically simulate space bar press / release while jump button is being
held; increases movement speed
– Clan tag – set custom clan tag
– Animated clan tag – animate clan tag
– Fast duck – remove crouch delay
– Sniper crosshair – draw crosshair while holding sniper rifle
– Recoil crosshair – crosshair follows recoil pattern
– Auto pistol – fire pistols like automatic rifles
– Auto reload – automatically reload if weapon has empty clip
– Auto accept – automatically accept competitive match
– Radar hack – show enemies positions on radar
– Reveal ranks – show player ranks in scoreboard in competitive modes
– Reveal money – show enemies’ money in scoreboard
– Spectator list – show nicknames of players spectating you
– Watermark – show cheat name in the upper-left screen corner and fps & ping in the
upper-right corner
– Offscreen Enemies – draw circles on the screen indicating that there are enemies behind us
– Fix animation LOD – fix aimbot inaccuracy for players behind local player
– Fix bone matrix – correct client bone matrix to be closer to server one
– Disable model occlusion – draw player models even if they are behind thick walls
– Kill message – print message to chat after killing an enemy
– Name stealer – mimic other players names
– Custom clantag – set a custom clantag
– Fast plant – plants bomb on bombsite border, when holding LMB or E key
– Fast Stop – stops the player faster than normal
– Quick reload – perform quick weapon switch during reload for faster reload
– Prepare revolver [ key ] – keep revolver cocked, optionally on key
– Fix tablet signal – allow use tablet on underground (dangerzone)
– Hit Sound – sound emitted when hurting enemy
– Chocked packets – length of sequence of chocked ticks
– Max angle delta – maximum viewangles change per tick
– Aspect Ratio – allows you to change the aspect ratio
– Purchase List – show the purchased equipment by enemies.
– Reportbot – automatically report players on server for cheating or other abusive actions:
– Enabled – on / off master switch
– Target – report target Enemies/Allies/All
– Delay – delay between reports, in seconds
– Aimbot – report for aim assistance
– Wallhack – report for visual assistance
– Other – report for other assistance
– Griefing – report for griefing
– Abusive Communications – report for abusive communications
– Unhook – unload cheat

[Config] – JSON-based configuration system:

– Create config – create new configuration file
– Reset config – restore default configuration settings (does not touch saved configuration)
– Load selected – load selected configuration file
– Save selected – save selected configuration file
– Delete selected – delete selected configuration file
– Reload configs – reload configs lis

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