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  1. Name of cheat used: EFT Krab Glow Hours played on the game: 500+ Hours played on the game using the cheats:50+ Which features did you enjoy most: ESP, Visibility Check, Items Would you recommend this to others?: Definitely!! So far it has been smooth sailing and I have not received a ban for a week straight. If you're trying to look as legit as possible and have the advantage, get this. You still have to win the firefights because there is no aimbot, which I personally like. Just don't rage or shoot through walls and no one will be the wiser. (I try and do everything I can do avoid reports.) One thing, everything, from items to scavs to pmc's are colored and glow brightly, even in modding screen / hideout firing range. It could get annoying to look at.
  2. Name of cheat used: EFT Devil Hours played on the game (Total): 300+ Hours played on the game using the cheats: 40+ Would you recommend this to others?: Most definitely I've used EFT Devil for the past 4 days. It comes with a spoofer, which is such a great deal. It comes with amazing features that work right out of the gate. ESP for players / scavs / items / containers. The aimbot works great, with various settings to tune it to your style of play. Other features like door hack and no stamina also work wonders. Sometimes I turn all the features off and try and play legit. Doing that can also help keep your k.d and survival rate in check, which could help you maintain safety. And try not to rage to hard or headshot a team of 4 from across the map. Do everything you can to avoid suspicion and avoid reports. One thing that I wish it had was a profile that saved my settings. Also sometimes, after a long session of playing, item/container esp will stop working. I just restart the whole process and load spoof/cheese again after restarting the pc. Takes up maybe 5 minutes so NBD. This product has far surpassed my expectations, and to top it all off, NaCL has friendly, fast customer service. 10/10 HIGHLY recommended!!
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