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  1. Okay m8, thank u 👀
  2. Do you have screens or videos of the Devil Cheat to see how the menu is done etc because I can't find any videos showing this cheat ..
  3. So it is detected? Or is it really in relation to your K / D? Because in time I think of buying it
  4. aaaaah I will finally be able to steal the bases aha I will test on the modded server where I usually play and I will tell you if the speedhack works for me Ty m8 and very good job 👍
  5. ok, I'll watch this tomorrow. my problem with the speedhack is that when I activate it and change the speed, it disconnects me directly from the game (connection lost).. Any ideas why ?
  6. Do I have to update the launcher or something for it to work?
  7. Name of cheat used: Horizon. Hours played on the game: 70. Hours played on the game using the cheats: 10. Which features did you enjoy most: Silent Aim, Debug Cam (Speedhack and Player Names does not work for me 😕) Would you recommend this to others?: Quite frankly, at first I thought it was a scam and after buying it it works perfectly (except for a few options such as speedhack and player names for me ) but for everything else everything is top notch and functional! I recommend !
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