We are a small team creating cheats for a wide range of games since 2015. On this “public” website we offer undetected cheats and HWID spoofers. On our Private website we have a range of Premium Private Cheats for a small handfull of games. To Join our Private website you must first create an account here.. Then when you follow the link below an account will be automatically created on our private website.

We offer 24/7 Support in Discord or Tickets on the Private Website.

– What we can do for you –

  • Your own panel with the ability to generate your own keys and perform HWID resets, Block keys and Delete keys.
  • 24/7 support to you and your customers fo fix any errors they may encounter.
  • Secure reseller loader with your own build.
  • Full custom website and discord channel for you with lifetime support as long as you are a reseller.
  • G50% Discount on keys.

– Custom Loader –

– We have a brandless loader for resellers (Loader with no names or logo) So you can call it what you like and it will not link back to us.

– We can supply a custom loader with your Brand on at an extra cost.

– With your own custom loader you can have your own resellers!

– Games –

Escape From Tarkov
Rainbox Six Siege
Apex Legends
Hell Let Loose

– How To Apply –

Contact an ADMIN on Discord with the information in this format.

Do you want a custom website created ?:
Do you want a custom loader ?:
Which countrys do you plan to sell in ?:
Where do you plan to sell, Discord, Website, Other ?:


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