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Found 4 results

  1. Cleft

    EFT Devil

    Devil EFT time played: 72 hours I can’t get enough of this, it’s beyond fun. Met some people and ended up playing with them and they didn’t even know who I was but I just carried them around, they never knew I was using devil. 10/10 recommend
  2. Name of cheat used: EFT Devil Hours played on the game (Total): 300+ Hours played on the game using the cheats: 40+ Would you recommend this to others?: Most definitely I've used EFT Devil for the past 4 days. It comes with a spoofer, which is such a great deal. It comes with amazing features that work right out of the gate. ESP for players / scavs / items / containers. The aimbot works great, with various settings to tune it to your style of play. Other features like door hack and no stamina also work wonders. Sometimes I turn all the features off and try and play legit. Doing that can also help keep your k.d and survival rate in check, which could help you maintain safety. And try not to rage to hard or headshot a team of 4 from across the map. Do everything you can to avoid suspicion and avoid reports. One thing that I wish it had was a profile that saved my settings. Also sometimes, after a long session of playing, item/container esp will stop working. I just restart the whole process and load spoof/cheese again after restarting the pc. Takes up maybe 5 minutes so NBD. This product has far surpassed my expectations, and to top it all off, NaCL has friendly, fast customer service. 10/10 HIGHLY recommended!!
  3. Name of cheat used: Razor Hours played on the game (Total): ~300 Hours played on the game using the cheats: ~70 Would you recommend this to others?: Absolutely yes Razor EFT is the best bang for your buck cheese in Tarkov right now. I've only used the ESP, aimbot, norecoil, nospread and nosway but they've all worked flawlessly. ESP for players and scavs is perfect, items not so much. It doesn't catch containers but loose items in raid. If you do have it set to scan too many things however, like not increasing the price scan but maxing out the range, you can get some visual bugs. Aimbot works great but it only beams heads. The fov for aimbot is a little wacky, it'll catch people outside of the visual fov circle so keep that in mind. Norecoil nospread and nosway aren't necessary for the aimbot to perform well either, but they're just nice to have sometimes. Menu is also really simple, easy to make changes midraid. Would 100% recommend.
  4. First of all the guys at NACL Cheats are amazing. They are very patient and helpful with every customer I have seen and I will definitely be buying from them more in the future. Now about the Razor EFT cheat. After learning how to traverse the menu, the GUI is very self explanatory and overall a great experience. I tried playing EFT without the cheats and didn't have nearly as much fun. Overall a great purchase and I would recommend to anyone who wants to buy from NACL Cheats that you will not be disappointed. Stay safe gamers!
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