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[System Requirements]

Windows 10 Versions 1803-1809-1903-1909-2004-2009
Intel or AMD CPU


HWID Spoofer included


Kill count
Cheat Detection


Lock Aim
Silent Aim
No Recoil


Thermal Vision
Bunny Hop
Show Spectators

How to use the menu:

HOME hide/show menu

F1 - Thermal visual
F2 - Aim Mode: Aim = Aimbot - Slient=Silent aim, None=no recoil mode
F3 - Aim position: AI=Where to player show (head first, ragest way), HEAD=head, chest=chest
F4 - Down to the ground to aim
F5 - radar
F6  - Player details (meters, health bars, teams, enemy kills, cheating detection)
F7 - Bunny Jump
F8 - Show Spectators
F9 - Enemy name display, Perspective display distance/small keyboard left and right direction keys adjustment {250/2000} 100% hit rate / up and down arrow keys on the keypad to adjust
F10 - Auto shoot
F11  - Pslient
F12 - FOV
DEL - Speed hack (Press the DEL key to switch the mode, the ‘caps’ key is hotkey when shooting to achieve acceleration)

L1 automatic mode: Will not be dropped, can be accelerated frequently, suitable for cute new use L2 manual mode:if the operation is not good, the connection will be dropped, the operation is very proficient, suitable for veterans INS Unlocked When your level is lower than 10, you can’t rank, you can unlock it in the lobby press INS

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