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Nacl Bot Lobby

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[System Requirements]

Windows 10 Versions 1803-1809-1903-1909-2004-2009
Intel or AMD CPU


HWID Spoofer included



1 Kill Dark Aether Unlocked
Unlock all zombie camos in seconds

[Stat Editor]

Die Machine (Round based)
Firebase Z (Round Base)
Global Zombies (Round Base)

>Max Stat is the only option that will work as of now

[Modified XP Options]

Weapon XP Slider 1 to x100000
Kills XP Slider 1 to x100000

[Main Features]

Auto Cycle all weapons
Give PAP Weapons
Teleport Dogs Separately
Round Skipper
Box never moves
Instant Restart Match
Instant End Match (works in MP too)

[Player Features]

God mode
Unlimited Points
Unlimited Ammo
Rapid Fire
Speed Hack
Always Critical
Zombies Ignore Player
Lock Zombie to Crosshair
Send Player to Jail

[Lobby Settings]

Teleport Zombies
Insta Kill Zombies
Jump Height
Walk Speed
Zombie Gravity

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