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EFT Krab Glow

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Name of cheat used: EFT Krab Glow
Hours played on the game: 500+
Hours played on the game using the cheats:50+
Which features did you enjoy most: ESP, Visibility Check, Items
Would you recommend this to others?: Definitely!! So far it has been smooth sailing and I have not received a ban for a week straight. If you're trying to look as legit as possible and have the advantage, get this. You still have to win the firefights because there is no aimbot, which I personally like. Just don't rage or shoot through walls and no one will be the wiser. (I try and do everything I can do avoid reports.)

One thing, everything, from items to scavs to pmc's are colored and glow brightly, even in modding screen / hideout firing range. It could get annoying to look at. 

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