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Check the STATUS page before you purchase.


  • Safeboot: Disabled
  • CPU Virtualization: Enabled
  • Supported CPU: Intel & AMD
  • Supported OS: Windows 10 1803-1809-1903-1909-2004-2009-21H1+
  • How to check your windows version.


  • HWID Spoofer Included


  • Silent Aim
    Silent Aim is an advanced cheating feature that allows you to shoot enemies without even aiming at them. Shoot anyone around you in a full 360 even if they're behind you.

  • Aimbot Prediction
    Instantly snap onto your target and kill them from 400M away, or play legit and kill them without suspecting a thing. Our Aimbot uses advanced bullet prediction, resulting in super accurate shots from all the way across the map.

  • Item ESP
    See where loot crates, money, armor, ammo, kill-streaks, all other items are around you. Loot in a fraction of the time by running directly to legendary crates!

  • Streamproof
    AC is fully streamproof with OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit. Never worry about it accidently appearing on stream. It even includes a built-in killswitch that terminates the cheat in the event that streamproof ever fails.

  • Constant UAV
    See where everyone in the whole game is with the Constant UAV feature! It even shows ghosted enemies no matter how close to you they are. Also included is a Tripple-UAV that shows enemies as triangles with visible rotations.

  • Unlock All
    Unlock everything in the entire game with a click of a button. Operators, blueprints, weapons, camos (eg. Damascus, Obsidian, DM Ultra and even cross camo, so add DMU to MW guns, and Damasus to CW guns), watches, attachments, EVERYTHING! Unlock for friends, or for customers who want it, make your business from it!

  • Zombie Camos
    Use Cold War Zombie Camos in Warzone! Working for every gun, you can use Dark Aether, Plauge Diamond, and Golden Viper in Warzone and Modern Warfare matches.

  • Fully Customizable
    Save up to 9 custom configurations and switch between them via hotkeys. Easily switch between different settings for different situations and change every color. Toggle back and forth between rage and legit settings, turn item ESP on and off, and switch between all your settings with a single hotkey.

    menu custom.jpg
  • HWID Spoofer
    It changes all your serials to your pc and so you can play again if your ever banned. (Note: Spoofer does not support Alienware, HP, Dell or Lenova)




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